The Services TAMC Offers

Serving the Aviation Mechanic

The Aviation Mechanics Coalition is committed to championing the profession of Aviation Mechanics.

We do this through these key areas of service:
1. Rules & Regulations
2. Industry News
3. Education
4. Employment.

Key Areas of Service

Rules & Regulations

TAMC supports industry wide safety rules and regulations through legislative and regulatory activity and promotes industry wide health standards for aviation mechanics.

TAMC also performs safety related and best practice audits relating to airline safety compliance to ensure safe work environments. The results of these audits are shared with legislative, regulatory and media in order to expose substandard maintenance practices and improve overall aviation safety.

Industry News

TAMC promotes and participates in industry events and conferences in order to promote professional aircraft maintenance skills.

Industry news is provided on our Newsroom Page.


TAMC develops educational programs that will help aviation mechanics develop and maintain their specialized skills.

Educational programs are also developed that will allow separating aircraft aviation veterans to transition into airline jobs.

TAMC provides outreach to schools and the Armed Services promoting the aviation maintenance craft.


TAMC publishes employment opportunities that will allow separating aircraft maintenance veterans to transition into airline jobs.

Be sure to check those postings periodically on our Employment Page.