All About TAMC

The Beginnings

The TAMC started life in September 2007 as the Teamsters Aviation Mechanics Coalition, an organization dedicated to promoting the common interests of FAA Licensed Mechanics working in the Aviation Industry as well as those unlicensed working in supporting roles. The TAMC was born on September 15 2007 in Indianapolis during a meeting that included mechanics from many Teamster carriers from around the country. Those in attendance, realizing that for year’s mechanics issues had largely gone unrecognized agreed to work together to aggressively pursue an agenda to enhance aviation safety, promote work place safety and create working conditions that will attract and retain new mechanics to the industry.

Nonprofit Status Achieved!

In 2015 the TAMC applied for and was granted nonprofit status and became The Aviation Mechanics Coalition Inc. While still affiliated with and receiving generous support from the International Brotherhood of Teamster and the Teamsters Airline Division we are now free to raise funds from alternate sources.

Where We Are Going…

The achievement of nonprofit status for the TAMC was vital to our ability to move forward and develop additional programs and services that we can then make available to Aviation Mechanics without regard to Airline or Union affiliation.

Chief Operating Officers

Here are the main players in the TAMC Organization. For more information on any one officer, please click on their emblem.