Rules & Regulations

TAMC supports industry-wide health and safety standards through legislative and regulatory activity and promotes industry wide health standards for aviation mechanics.

Industry News

TAMC promotes and participates in industry events and conferences in order to promote professional aircraft maintenance skills. Industry news is provided on our Newsroom Page.


TAMC develops educational programs that will help aviation mechanics develop and maintain their specialized skills.


TAMC publishes employment opportunities that will allow separating Veterans to transition into airline jobs.

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Welcome to The Aviation Mechanics Coalition (TAMC) Website!

Welcome to TAMC!

TAMC, The Aviation Mechanics Coalition, is committed to championing the profession of Aviation Mechanics. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and expect the same from those we work with and for. We are Aviation Mechanics and our inclination is to fix things. In addition to aircraft, this extends to education, outreach and our unwavering commitment to aviation safety.

Our Charter

  1. Continue to promote and support industry wide safety rules and regulations through legislative and regulatory activity.
  2. Promote industry wide health and retirement standards for aviation maintenance professionals to ensure stable, long term employment within the industry.
  3. Develop education programs that will help aviation mechanics develop and maintain skills.
  4. Provide outreach to Schools and the Armed Services promoting the craft.
  5. Promote and participate in industry events and conferences to promote or professional skills.
  6. Develop educational programs that will allow separating Veterans to transition into airline jobs.

Our Services

We at TAMC look forward to providing you with useful information such as: Legislative initiatives that affect your job, FAA documents open for comment, industry news, upcoming training events, competitions and conferences; and employment opportunities. We will continue to publish our quarterly newsletter “The Aviation Maintenance Professional”. Please subscribe TODAY!

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