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4 months ago
The Return to Air Travel


Great discussion on the future of Air Travel.

Air travel has been a major casualty of the coronavirus pandemic. The decline in passengers has cost billions -- an unprecedented decline and a blow to the American and global economies. As Congress ... See more

4 months ago
1914-18 Photographs | The Vintage Aviator

A look at aviation during World War 1. Pretty interesting photographs.


Collection of photographs from the First World War.

4 months ago
Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics-General Aviation | Sugar Land, TX | Aircraft Maintenance/Repair Facility

... See more

Aircraft Maintenance/Repair Facility employs Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics-General Aviation at their Sugar Land, TX. Details: NOW HIRING QUALIFIED FAA CERTIFIED AIRFRAME AND POWERPLANT MECHANICS ... See more

4 months ago
FAA Investigating 787 Structural Defects | Boeing


The Federal Aviation Administration is reviewing quality-control issues at Boeing's South Carolina assembly operation following the revelation of flaws in composite material structures of some 787 ... See more

4 months ago
A prototype of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines' futuristic-looking flying wing aircraft just took its first flight in Germany – take a look at the Flying-V


Flying wing aircraft have long been the domain of the military but airlines and aircraft manufacturers are turning to them for the future of flight.

5 months ago
Cobwebs and corrosion: Reactivating parked aircraft requires extra care - FreightWaves


Hibernation is good for bears, but not so much for aircraft. When planes sit for extended periods, systems can erode and corrode, and bugs can make nests in key components. That’s a big safety ... See more

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