3 weeks ago
Two new Airbus planes have experienced engine shutdowns mid-flight after drinks were spilled in the cockpit


Recent flights by Airbus A350-900s have experienced mid-flight engine shutdowns after drinks were spilled in cockpits, leading them to divert to nearby airports.

1 month ago
Photos show the glory days of Pan Am, a symbol of a bygone era of luxurious air travel before the airline went bust 29 years ago

Nothing at all like today being packed in like sardines


Pan American World Airways was once the world's largest international airline, and is remembered for its glamorous cabins, passengers, and crew.

1 month ago
3D Printed B787 Jet Engine Model with Thrust Reverser - Aviation Humor

Haha need one of these 🙂

This went from “Sounds like a cheap plastic toy” to “Holy cr*p I want this so much” in like 10 seconds. And it sounds like my PC during summer. I just hope I will never hear the words ... See more

1 month ago
Aviation Humor

Cool old bird

Big airliner for today, let alone 1949!

1 month ago
Lufthansa Weighs Listing of Stake in Jet-Maintenance Unit


Deutsche Lufthansa AG is considering selling stock in its jet-aircraft maintenance businesses to fund the unit’s expansion and help boost the airline group’s market value, according to people ... See more

1 month ago
College or $70,000 a year? Aviation industry scrambles for mechanics as retirements loom


The aviation industry is facing a wave of retirements and is recruiting students who haven't graduated high school to fill the ranks. Salaries in their early 20s can top $70,000.

1 month ago
Aviation Humor


Top “Tell Me Again Why I Lost My Job?” Moments Collection

1 month ago


PAMA Scholarships available.

PAMA provides scholarships and awards to aviation maintenance professionals. The application deadline for all scholarships is March 15. Recipients will be announced at the Aerospace Maintenance...

1 month ago
The L-1011 was an over-engineered masterpiece


Engine issues and late entry to market kept Lockheed from reaching their full commercial potential The early 1970s was a magnificent era in aviation. Big was 'in' as airplane manufacturers explored a ... See more

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