4 days ago
Botched float plane theft leaves 3 aircraft damaged in Vancouver harbour | CBC News

That stunt is going to create a bit of work

The float planes were damaged Friday when someone tried to steal a Seair aircraft from the Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre in the middle of the night, taking it across the harbour and into the other ... See more

5 days ago
Mundo de Aviación


Fails parte 5 - Históricos

5 days ago
Aviation Humor

Looks a little chilly

How To Repair a Plane In The Middle Of Antarctica

1 week ago
Spirit Airlines flight declares emergency in air, loses power at Sacramento airport


A Spirit Airlines flight declared an emergency while attempting to land at Sacramento International Airport on Saturday morning, but managed to touch down without incident.

2 weeks ago
Aerospace Maintenance Council

Are you ready for the Aerospace Maintenance Skills Competition?


3 weeks ago

TAMC is at the Aero Engines Americas Conference today.

3 weeks ago
Saudia Cargo Boeing 747 suffers tailstrike during take-off Dammam Airport, Saudi Arabia - Aviation24.be

Heck of a tail strike https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.aviation24.be/airlines/saudia/saudia-cargo/boeing-747-suffers-tailstrike-during-take-off-dammam-airport-saudi-arabia/amp/

On 1 February, a Saudia Cargo Boeing 747-400 (TC-MCT) operated flight SV919 between Dammam King Fahd Airport, Saudi Arabia and Zaragoza, Spain. During take-off, however, the aircraft scraped its tail ... See more

3 weeks ago
Two new Airbus planes have experienced engine shutdowns mid-flight after drinks were spilled in the cockpit


Recent flights by Airbus A350-900s have experienced mid-flight engine shutdowns after drinks were spilled in cockpits, leading them to divert to nearby airports.

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